Overview: Fax Server

System-wide fax allows you to forward incoming faxes on all ports to email, allowing the manager to discard junk faxes and print only those faxes you want to keep. This eliminates the need to constantly check and feed paper to your fax machines.

Features at a glance:

  • Fax-to-Email directly into your email. The Spydur's Fax Server will receive the fax, convert it to a pdf, and send it to your mail server automatically!
  • Print-to-Fax directly from your workstation. Simply choose the Spydur's Fax Server as a network printer, and fax from ANY program!
  • Web-to-Fax from any web-enabled device. Navigate your browser to the Spydur's Fax Server, type a message or browse your drive, manage contacts online, and fax away!
  • Fax Detection is built-in! With the Spydur's Fax Server, you can have dedicated fax numbers, or share DID's (i.e. telephone numbers) with a user's extension (e.g. faxes will go to their email, and calls will ring their telephone).
  • Support for standalone fax machines, or third-party fax servers either through analog ports or over the network!
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