Overview: Flash Operator Panel

The Flash Operator Panel is a switchboard type application that displays real-time activity for the SpydurPBX, and is available to each employee (not just the operator). This means control of office communications can now be returned to the office manager!

Easily know at a glance:
  • What extensions are busy, ringing, or available
  • Who is talking to whom, and for how long they have been speaking
  • Displays number of callers waiting in each queue, how long they have been waiting, and agents available
  • Shows message waiting indicators along with message count

The Flash Operator Panel 2 extends even further by adding direct call manipulation with user-based permissions and abilities.

Extended Abilities include:
  • Integrated Presence, Direct Call Pickup, and Direct Transfer (to extension, voice mail, or external numbers)
  • Add, remove, and pause Agent Availability for Queue Management, with Whisper and Spy functionality
  • User-based Permissions allows unique Operator Panels for each user (e.g. by Department) with selected abilities
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