Overview: Instant Messaging

The SpydurPBX also includes a completely integrated Enterprise Instant Messaging (EIM) server using the leading open protocol for instant messaging, XMPP (also called Jabber). It is incredibly easy to setup and administer, and offers rock-solid security and performance.

Its integrated features are numerous, offering:

  • Popup notifications of inbound calls with Caller ID
  • Displays users' status (on the phone, available, out to lunch, etc)
  • Dial-a-number (use your keyboard to do your dialing)
  • Click-to-call (for when chatting just isn't enough)

It further supports a variety of plugins, including:

  • IM Gateway (easily ties in AOL, IRC, MSN, Yahoo! accounts)
  • Shared Whiteboarding and Text Editor
  • Text Translation (sent in German, translated to Chinese)

Stay in control of instant messaging with the SpydurPBX and keep office communications within your own network while still expanding the many features and capabilities available to your users!

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