Overview: Outlook Integration

The SpydurPBX comes with a Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) to Asterisk Bridge that provides full use of click-to-dial from Microsoft Outlook. It's easy to overlook, but did you know this feature has been provisioned for in every version of Microsoft Outlook ever released? Go ahead and check for yourself!

The SpydurPBX also integrates with Microsoft Outlook on the inbound (a feature not provided in any version of Microsoft Outlook)! When a call comes in, you will receive a popup notification with the caller information... and, if you click on the popup, Microsoft Outlook will open the corresponding contact record (no matter if it is a local contact record, or one stored in Microsoft Exchange)!

You can further take advantage of Outlook Voice Access and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) with Microsoft Exchange. Checkout 'Exchange Integration' to learn how SpydurPBX will enhance your productivity through integration on the server-side (Microsoft Exchange) and on the client-side (Microsoft Outlook)!

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