Overview: Reminders

The SpydurPBX includes an incredibly powerful Telephone Reminder system that is remarkably easy to use! You may now send custom-tailored messages to outside parties on an individual basis, either as a recorded message or through text-to-speech (TTS)! Reminders serve an incredibly wide-range of applications, easily spanning all industry types from service companies (e.g. schedule after-hour reminders for drivers, even though nobody is in the office) to medical practices (e.g. schedule recurring reminders for outpatients).

  • Schedule reminders on an individual basis for delivery at a future date/time
  • Create recurring reminders to take place on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly-basis
  • Set reminders over the telephone as a recorded message, or use the web interface for speedy entry and take advantage of text-to-speech
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You can also send broadcast messages to entire groups of contacts using the Phone Tree system (also included with the SpydurPBX). Checkout 'Phone Tree' to learn more about how these two powerful applications can compliment each other for your site!

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