Overview: Skype Integration

The SpydurPBX can integrate with Skype! While you usually don't want to run a business using Skype as a carrier (due to lower grade audio codec), Skype does provide some distinct advantages by increasing your accessibility to Skype users as well as supporting telecommuters in developing nations where latency and bandwidth can become a real issue.

What this means, is the SpydurPBX can...

  • Allow outside callers to contact your organization directly through Skype
  • Project a positive and professional image of your organization by answering Skype calls using SpydurPBX's native abilities (Automated Attendant, Call Queuing, etc.).
  • Support telecommuters abroad by using Skype as an extension!

...try it out: give us a call with Skype at 'spydur.technologies' :)

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